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Hide details for Mail ServerMail Server
TSHI9523WSSending a message to a non-unique recipient (like Tom@Domain) that also includes an internet recipient, returns a Non-delivery Report for Tom@Domain....
VPRS99XQ3LFixes a Domino Server Crash on Sgmlparser::terminateparse when Data URL support is enabled. This is a regression in 9.0.
SKJI9DMD9CFixed a panic issue in Out of Office API with displayed error message "OSAddressInVARRAY: VARRAY element index is too large".
TPON9EGKNWFixes issue where when the "Notes items to be removed from headers" field contains a field that matches the name of a user, the field will not be...
MBAS9G8LCPFixes Server crash due to TNEF conversion with Error Message: "PANIC: Invalid pool free chain".
STAA7TQDEFThe configuration settings: [Basics] - [International MIME Settings for this document] and [MIME] - [Conversion Options] - [Inbound] - [Use...
Hide details for MIMEMIME
JSHN9E4TSAFixes issue where certain mail messages with large amounts of content (more that 200k of data) in their body fields can cause the convert To MIME...
CSAA99VDVLFixed a problem where the Russian representation of symbols #, <<, and >> incorrectly displayed in subject field when sending mail to internet...
MOKMANL4ULThis fix addresses a potential leak in open database handles, which would result in errors like "Maximum number of concurrently open objects has been...
RGAU9WWJ8APreviously the MIME-Version header could be added more than once. This change first checks the current document to insure that the MIME-Version item...
TTAN95TLQS Fixes issue opening an iCal invitation returning the error message "Database already contains a document with this UNID"
JACE98S37ZFixes issue where when replying to a mail that includes a graphic image, "HTMLAPI Problem converting to HTML" error occurs.
JFBAA7V7C7Fixed a potential server hang due to invalid/corrupted <font> styles
Hide details for MIME to CD conversionMIME to CD conversion
LCAY9PJFJ5Fix MIME to CD converter to use case-insensitive match on Content-ID when looking for image files referenced from HTML.
Hide details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
ALSRAXJEASiNotes - Fix problem that the new mail notification window size is too small and it doesn't show the contents correctly if...
ALSRAWNFG9iNotes - Introduce a new ini setting to use Div dialog for the alarm and the new mail notification pop up instead of window.open if Sametime...
Hide details for Notes App SupportNotes App Support
MYAA9HZALZFixes Notes Browser Plugin hang when editing a document
APAR9FJJB2A Notes application which has a frame target formula targeting the content to be opened using standard frame attribute of _top did not work correctly...
Hide details for Notes App Support Notes App Support
APAR9FK83DFixes issue around the message box shown during application launch that was changing the context of the application. thus causing the notes...
Hide details for Notes webNotes web
ASAO9K6HRBNotes web: Fixed an issue where some names were removed when "Replying to All" on a specific mail message.
YHAI9KZMSRNotes web: Improved the warning dialog when deleting a draft meeting entry.
KNAA9H39KQNotes web: Fixed an issue where some instances of repeating all day events set to skip weekends are not created on the day expected.
DGUY9GJNT5Notes web: Fixed an issue where the phonetic name was not displayed for all users as expected.


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